Dynamic Modeling

This is an incomplete text that supported courses I taught at Carnegie Mellon and at Florida International University.

   1. Linear differential equations 
   2. Nonlinear differential equation
   3. Systems of differential equations
          Further reading 
   1. An economic interpretation of optimal control theory
   2. The Hamiltonian and the maximum principle
   3. Alternative problem types and the transversality condition
   4. Multiple controls and state variables
   5. When are necessary conditions also sufficient
   6. Infinite planning horizons
   7. Infinite horizon problems and steady states
   8. Applications from growth 
           Further reading 
   1. Deterministic difference equations
   2. Rational expectations and uncertainty
   3. Nonlinear difference equations
          Further reading
   1. Deterministic finite-horizon problems
   2. Deterministic infinite-horizon problems
   3. Dynamic programming and optimal control
   4. Stochastic dynamic programming
   5. Approximations, algebraic and numerical
          Further reading
   1. Discrete choice problems
   2. Optimal stopping problems
   3. Continous choice models
   4. Transaction costs
   5. Time inconsistency
         Further reading